Sunday, October 28, 2018

Well This Is Unexpected ☹️

This is a short note and public service announcement.

You may see me looking at your blogs and perhaps even a comment. You will not see a post on my blog for now.

Geoffrey was unexpectedly hospitalized and I have a full plate now. I will pop up when and where I can. Thank you for your understanding 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Not Another Post!

Yes yet another post .  After the fiasco of  a technical nature I needed to experiment. I had written a post and previewed it then set it for release into the ether at 1 AM. Apparently somewhere in its travel the font shrunk. Wisp of Words kindly brought it to my attention. 

So I snagged it and turned it every which but loose to no avail. No matter how much finagling I did with the font it always reverted to the way it showed up after being flung into the ether in dark o'clock. I then said to myself "self you must do another post and lunch it in real time for any kind of a solid conclusion to your assumption."  And I did. 

To be sure this works in all ways let us take a stroll around the farm for some photos.

 Just for you Mama Pea look what I found in my strawberry pot today! It had three friends also. 
 If you click on photo above you can see this honey bees wings in action . 
 Longfellow "Would you please pass the Alfalfa?"
 Mama of Flame in the rear with her juvenile delinquent off spring in the lead.  
 The east end of the coop all snugged up in anticipation of wind, rain and cooler temperatures. 
 The "man" of the flock Mr. Paul Newman who asked "what you looking at?"
 This Moe. She is one of three pullets that are the Aruacana sisters.  
 Manny(far left)  and Jack to the left of the red sex link. And yes if guessed Pep Boys auto supply the Araucanian sisters are named for those icons you are correct. But there is no prize except for contentment you have of being brilliant.
 Encore , but stink'in cute photo Flame and Mama.
shadow effect intentional.
Sherman after a visit to the barn spa says "Does this do make my bum look fat?"
Lastly below are the newest additions to the flock two lovely red sex link pullets . Yet to be named.

If you have made it this far please kindly leave a comment as to size of font and photo size. Remember if you have trouble viewing a photo if you click on the photo with your mouse it will be viewed larger. 

Thanks for your help. You will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. 


If you are reading this post then you have made the move. This is home for now and the foreseeable future.  And you can celebrate by jumping up  and saying "beam me up Scotty ."  If you were a follower of the old blog (which will be maintained for reference) please take a moment and hit the follow link on the new blog. Or don't and break my heart I will get over it.  

For those of you who have been around awhile first my undying thanks for living through boredom, run on sentences and periodic bouts of insanity. Your allegiance is appreciated and the next check for your services is in the mail . Seriously folks where would I be without you? What I meant to say you are aware how I have struggled with getting a new look together and wow here it is in all its glory or lack of for you to enjoy. Gentle comments appreciated. 

I am hoping that this will be two things. The last time I change my complete blog look and the last home of Walnetto Farm on the internet. I am not leaving either the internet, blogger in specific or this good earth anytime soon but I am thinking this is the last homestead. It is a thought I have had for a long time now just haven't verbalized it much. 

Look at this. A blast from the past with wonderful alfalfa and Snowy River in the back with Tubby Tabby front and forward. So typically Tabby. 

Monkee one of the tripod cats here. He was a talker too. You may remember that he would stand by the laundry room door to the garage and command your attention when one of the other cats was waiting to come in. And he was always right. Miss this chatter box feline.

The big snow of 2013  that came with an Arctic freeze and subzero temperatures that lasted almost three weeks . Lovely to look at and so much fun. But it also came with frozen hoses and finally even frozen house pipes. Fun but maybe when it snows next it won't bring quite so much fun with it?

New kids Waylon on the right and Willa on the left. Little Trouble who got the award for the goat mama of the year.  

Baby Goat Bums what is not to love?

What I  always said to my kids. And it did! 

It is good to be home again. Please come to visit and don't forget to hit the follow link if you want me to automatically show up on your end when I post. 

A Mid Morning Goat Keepers Lament To A Fellow Goat Keeper

Good morning 

 I went out about half an hour ago to turn out the two withers and the two does in the pen next to them and Miss Willa was acting like she was in heat again and I’m thinking you’re crazy it’s only been almost two weeks since I tried to breed her twice and she wanted nothing to do with it.

So I got the four of them out to the field and she was being very sweet to the bucks at the fence it was  like I’m your new best friend.  I watched for a while and I thought man I just you know you’re there but I don’t know and you just supposedly had a heat but maybe you didn’t maybe you’re just adjusting, maybe you were pretending would  think after 35 years I would know something wouldn’t you ,guess not? 

So as I stood there watching them and she was communing with her father through the fence and I was looking at him saying I don’t think so. I noticed that her brother who is the wither is mounting her and she’s looks back at him and goes back to talking to her Dad so I’m thinking OK well maybe we have something here.

So don’t judge me but there still is not a collar on this doe .I keep trying to sneak it on her and she adamantly doesn’t want it and I really don’t have the energy at this point to hogtie her so I figure eventually it’ll happen but with that said the only way to proceed is to get her back into the barn. Without a collar or lead rope this took some fancy footwork on my part I got her back into the barn left everybody else in the field went over and got Longfellow with a lead rope on him and he’s knows where she is he’s looking straight at her and what does he proceeded to do ?

So I figure OK I’m not gonna lose him he is going to run 20 feet to the gate and I’ll let him in. Does he run 20 feet to the gate?  No he takes off and runs to the far side of the fence line and starts smoozing her through the fence down there. You really don’t want to know what I said when that happened.  The dogs were barking ,the cats were running  and the air was turning blue around my head.

Got my hands on the old boy using a few choice phrases in his direction dragging him back to the other end got him within eye shot what does he do ? I had left the panel that divide the gates out and he walks on the wrong side of the panel and starts snorting at his son mercy! 

At this point I’m thinking maybe at nine he’s too old to find his way out of a paper bag but we persevered. I got him on the rope took him over to the fence he took one look at Willa and said “oh there you are” I just shook my head I was done. I open the gate put him in she kind of danced around him.He said “oh let me follow you at 200 miles an hour “and they ran and they were off and I just let it happen. I just said “OK God this is your hand you take care of this I’m done.”

I hope it isn’t a sin to pray about goat sex because I was praying. I was praying she didn’t run into a fence and break her neck and blah blah blah but then I noticed something. She was running but she was looking over her shoulder all the time and finally I got them in the barn in a smaller area and she went “oh “and stood still and he went” awe moment of opportunity. “ And it happened.

They had a moment and then she promptly  peed I wanted to strangle her.  In the back of my head I keep thinking “you’re not going to be here tomorrow you have to be gone to the chiropractor and errands no breeding repeats tomorrow “so I just left them together for a while and he covered her again and she was more accepting. 

But all I could think about when all this was going on and I was dashing from here to there and everywhere and the dogs are going nuts and the cats are going crazy and the chickens are wondering what was happening to their world was my obituary going to hit the paper and it’s going to say something to the effect of elderly woman dies while trying to breed buck to doe. 

So I’ll cross my fingers for Ellie you cross  your fingers for Willa and we’ll see what happens just wanted to share this excitement with you.