Saturday, July 20, 2019

When Did Three Weeks Come To Constitute A Lifetime?

 The view from the gate in mid June and up still. The three bows were hand made by the young woman below.Yikes did I use the word woman as descriptive  in a sentence about my second oldest grandgirl?  Where did the time go as she is 20 years of age now. Em posing below with the reptile at a crafts store in Chico, Ca.

Em as so many of my sweet family have done since Geoffrey's passing in November has made several trips up and is always very helpful. We had a great three days and got a lot done. Currently she is at home after taking her entrance test for the police academy (yikes) near her home. I love that both my oldest girls have chosen public service jobs as a potential career.

Veggie photos got a few squash but mostly Sunbrust Tomatoes and lemon cukes. Some terrific radishes before it became too hot and they bolted. Blue Berries and Strawberries still coming on.

But the real deal here is that in twelve days I will be in this sweet homestead.

 Over three hundred miles from the current one. But only one sixth of the time to both of the kiddos and my sister. Smaller by 37 acres, no rocks and gentle rolling to mostly flat terrain. I think it is a deal. And since all the inspections coming and going have been done, the financial end organized and approved plus several rooms already packed up and utilities plus internet plus phone plus trash pick up are in place I think it is just a cat hair shy of  a done deal.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Moving on Up

Well we apparently are" approaching speed Captain ."

Remember two short weeks ago when my house went online? Well this Sunday report brings this news. My house is in escrow with a 45 day ride (or less ) if I can manage. And my offer on the sweet little log home was accepted. Yikes beam me up Scotty!

More to come. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

I Shaved My Legs For This?

Tada ! First showing under my belt. Now mind you I am not a novice to this house selling and showing rodeo. So when I got a call from my realtor during dinner and the latest episode of Barnwood Builders ( one of few shows on real TV I watch) I almost swallowed my plate whole. We had a showing scheduled within an hour or two of the whole thing going live as it is now called on the internet.

Just in case you have been dying to know what my place looks like - NOT!

At any rate after having sold a house in the great reality disaster of 2006 I sorta kinda know my stuff and the drill. To be technical that house went on the market in 2008 as some of you may know of one needs to wait two years after the purchase to market it as to avoid the capital gains taxes. And then it sat and it sat and it sat. Not selling until 2011 with a huge hit to our pocket book. Because no we didn't get even close to what we paid for it. Sigh, let us not talk of that now.

Marketing a house is something close to living in purgatory even with a good realtor.  One's whole life revolves around showing and keeping it clean to show. So if we include my current journey I will have danced this dance 3 times in 12 years since we sold the Fresno farm to current. I WILL NOT HAVE TO DANCE THIS DANCE AGAIN EVER. Just wanted to make that clear as I was cleaning bathrooms prior to my shower at 9:30 PM . And setting my internal alarm to wake prior to even when the recycle truck rumba's down our street pre 5 AM. So I could do touch ups after regular chores and let myself breath.

So interested buyers arrived twenty minutes early thank God I planned for some down time so I was ready when my 16 paws alert went off.  They were here for thirty minutes. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.The real estate folks know all this stuff to a T. Short visit are likely to garner little to none, long visits may but may also just be looky lues or folks who aren't even in the market they were just bored that day. Or "Gee Fred I have never seen a totally off grid home let's go check it out!" If they only know what a responsible home owner drags themselves through to make sure their home is ready to really shine. If you don't believe me ask the goats whose barn cleaning (and I mean close to having the health department show up) has been delayed either from rain, getting the initial pre marketing stuff done or as in today losing a barn day to make sure all is at the ready.

Then there is all the home showing etiquette. Owners are basically expected to greet at door and then exit away from showing as not to intimidate potential buyers. Today is a good example of that when I mentioned I had a blind cat and would they please be mindful not to let the cat out the wife asked wide eyed "you have cats?" To with I replied with a smile "I am a vet tech I have just about one of everything. But I do have 3 house cats."  Eyes still wide " I am allergic to cats really bad." Ok I was good I didn't reply with something like " And it never once entered your mind you may encounter cats while visiting potential homes?" I smiled and simply said " Well they are all hiding out and I cleaned as if it was the second coming just for you." OK I didn't say quite that but you get the idea.

They did appear to be nice folks and if this home tickles their fancy I hope they know I plan to hire a team of professional cleaners on my dime to make their new home safe for them. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Too Good To Be True?

When one lives in a home they love it is difficult to think of living elsewhere. I love my Real Log Home . I love it so much that if I had more time, more money and were a tad younger I would be tempted to take it with me on this last move of the journey. But I don't and believe me when I say  I have seen more houses in the last 6 weeks (online of course) and only one has made the cut. And only because she is easy to love. She is on almost 4 acres, has complete fencing including cross fencing, has a mare motel in place , a workshop , garden space , a spot that can be converted into a chicken coop and run. On a private well, has an outdoor kitchen and in the living room a Vermont stove. She is 38 years old was "born" in Montana and then shipped to California.

In the foothills of central California and as I told my family "the only thing wrong with her is she is too good to be true." So a posse was organized and a visit was made. The posse only came up with a few items to be added or subtracted or reorganized. So soon I will be going to see this potential home and all the possibilities it holds.

When time comes to share more I shall. For now I am finishing up the small details of getting this "42 Acres of Paradise" polished up for the debut online . I am feeling really good about both the potential home and finding someone to step in on this end in fairly short order. I would very much appreciate prayers and energy from you all. I am prepared for the worst but hope for the best. We will know soon.  Until then I will go back to gardening and sprucing up.

The divine Ms. Emily was up for a visit last week to help me out . We found time for some crafty fun!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

If God Got The Chosen People To The Promised Land Certainly He Can Get Me To Fresno County


This is my Lilac bush. Actually it is the third I have started but the only one I managed to see through a winter. And considering that this winter offered up 100 year floods for our area and unprecedented snowfall I would say we have a bell ringer. Why Lilac? Because in the house I grew up in from 1955 until I finally left for the last time in 1967 had Lilac bushes that were my Mama's pride and joy. Interestingly enough when my youngest sister and I came together and forged a new relationship as adults in 2015 when our Daddy passed , I noted she too had a Lilac bush in her yard.

So here is the thing. I am a now single woman living on 42 acres (that outnumbers me right there) and I have livestock, I have the usual assortment of canine and feline companions and working dogs. I have chickens. I am now at the tender age of 70 years old ( not young for I have forged ahead and earned each one thank you!) the captain of this ship. I now can hand split wood by hand to keep warm, weed whack, string mow , run a two inverters multi solar panel off grid unit that has its own barn, birth kids ok I cheated I have um multiple years of practice on that one. Keep everyone warm, fed, healthy and pump 1,320. gallons of water from under my house on my new gas run pump. I am also exhausted more often than not (and fire season isn't here yet) I am understaffed and over worked . No not under paid as purrs, crazy kids jumping on my lap and dog kisses are high scale pay you know. And I am without a support group closer than the 5 and one half hours it takes for a sister, kiddos or grand girls to get here.

So the heartbreaking ( I won't lie here) choice was made to , a gasp from the crowd, sell my beloved "42 Acres of Paradise". I am figuring if the worst thing in my life is moving back to the central California area then perhaps I am doing alright. I am looking for a smaller, much smaller place in the foothills of Fresno county. I will be no more than an hour from my family. I will take every critter with me as I am responsible for 90% of them being on this earth to begin with and the rest through choice. I will continue to as life permits pursue the life of sustainability I love. I will have goats but they will more likely than not be glorified lawn ornaments only, chickens will come too . What would I do without my Flame? Of course Sherman and Yarrow will be needed to keep everyone safe from those wiley  coyotes . Ari and Calli need to keep me in line and the cats too.

I will miss my land , my fiber friends, the amazing events which have forged who I am today. But on the flip side I will have easy access sister time on a regular basis, enjoying my son and daughter. And the grandgirls? Oh yes that is part of the plan. "Aubrey and Emily you two are the oldest could you come and stay at Gammie's for a week in October to feed while I go to Idaho to visit friends?"

What could possibly go wrong???!  😉

Saturday, March 23, 2019

It Must Be Spring Because It Feels Like a Three Ring Circus!

But of course it is spring as there are baby goats. Only two but these two , a doe and buck are more vigorous then most of those in the last 33 years. Must be the magic Shasta county water? More likely Willa's good milk and care!

And then the egg production. It hasn't waned since last autumn. Water or ???

And then there was the magic ( carefully disguised  as heavy equipment skill) by Seth the excavation guy. Who has put flooding on this farm to a redirected stand still!

 And if that wasn't enough my lovely Aunt with her 90th birthday just days prior to my 70th.

Take a close look at this guy or gal. It is a Red Tailed Hawk. Who several days after this photo tried to help itself to a chicken. No camera in moment of  intense will sorry. But two Pyrenees to the right, a very possessive and irritated rooster to his / her left and a hell bent crazy woman screaming in his/her face "let that hen go"! And after several seconds, which seemed like hours, the bird released its prey. With a look of " I don't care about the dogs or the Roo but that  lady is bat poop crazy let me out of here!!!

Left to right front to back  catnip, chives , tomato, tomato second row , spinach , broccoli and last row front sweet red onions. 

The almond tree blossomed into perfection!

You all must know by now the only reason I go to my chiropractor is for the inspiration. 

Lastly a wee hard to see but we have morphed from St. Patrick's Day into a Spring theme on the gate.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Little Diversion Is Always Good

Look what the leprechaun left this afternoon. Miss Willa you rock!

More tomorrow long day today but by golly such fun and diversion!