Monday, April 4, 2022

Two Weeks Old


The first kids in three years and the first born 
on the new homestead. They 
are both vigorous young bucks. Born first day 
of Spring at mid morning.After a week of mid 
night checks.  They are sired by Longfellow my handsome home grown buck who appraised excellent by ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) as a three year old 
and retained that placement to now as a 13 year old. 

Have yet to decide what to do with them. I may keep them intact or castrate one and keep the other as a buck. The difficult part of having well bred genetic’s is it makes those decisions more difficult. Longfellow really stamps his offspring with his traits and excellent temperament.

No names yet as I am calling them Thing One and Thing Two. Dam Nutmeg is also a lovely doe and at 9 years has held up well. Looking forward to milk , cheese and soap. 

First fermentation in years. Sauerkraut from a very small cabbage. But has turned out well and I will make a point of  adding cabbage to the new raised bed. 

Emily grand girl  #3 gifted me with the chicken planter at Christmas. I took advantage and added a Spider plant cutting from Jessica who is a great friend and pretty much family.

Have spent some time on trying to perfect 
my sourdough. It is coming along. 

We have had mild Spring weather mixed with some cooler days with rain. The photo below
Is looking down the drive with the shop to the left.
Love the rainbow no filters used. 

From the front porch with the street beyond. 
Again no filters just nature showing off how beautiful the central Sierra Nevada range can be.  

Trust you enjoy the catch up. Again I will pop in when there is news and life permits. Have a wonderfilled day!


Mama Pea said...

Even when any goat bucks are born, it's hard to make a decision as to exactly what to do with them. I can see your decision can be even harder considering the outstanding bloodline these two have. With their daddy being 13 years old, one of them would make a good replacement, no?

Your rainbow picture is beautiful. For some reason, we seldom see rainbows right here. (I should know why, but I don't!)

Your bread looks wonderful and that spider plant is perfect in your chicken planter.

Great to see a post and catch-up from you. Hugs.

Goatldi said...

Things get a little more complicated because I have not only Longfellow but I have his 11-year-old son Sundance Kid. I have the two but do I need to replace both of them or just the one that’s my dilemma. I’m thinking about the darker boy they’re both nice and sharp and have lots of bone but he’s got just a little something different. To add to the suspense I need to band (Don’t cut as some folks do)
this coming weekend. Sigh no pressure there!

Thank you for all your nice comments and coming to visit I appreciate it. And today we’re having weather a little bit similar to what was in those photos except no rain yet but we do have a lower temperature cloudy windy so who knows?

Have a productive week MP!